Educating Kids at St. Paul's School

Specialty Programs in Early Childhood Education, Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, and Girls' Empowerment

Since its founding in 1989, St. Paul's School has provided a quality education and a caring, supportive environment to over 5,000 students in Petit Trou de Nippes, Haiti. From humble beginnings in a lean-to structure, we progressed together one steady step at a time. 


  • 300 students currently attend St. Paul's School with classes ranging from preschool to 9th grade, coming from a 15-mile radius.

  • For the past several years, 100% of 6th and 9th graders at St. Paul's have passed the national exam, earning the staff at St. Paul's School a Certificate of Excellence from the Haitian Ministry of Education.

  • Not only are the students excelling on the state exams, they are engaged in specific enrichment programs in important areas such as:

    • Agricultural Education - farming has historically been a fundamental part of the economy of the Nippes region of Haiti. Raphael Sanchez Salvador, our Haitian agronomist who lives on site, teaches horticulture, botany, and environmental education in the middle school classrooms and conducts hands on teaching in the garden with the children.

    • Girls' Empowerment - Darline Nicolas, who also teaches at St Paul's School, is the director of a Girls' Empowerment program that functions both in our own school and in the state run high school. This program mentors and provides a safe space for important dialogues around gender dynamics in addition to training sessions for girls on the importance of education, economic independence, and advocating for oneself

    • Entrepreneurship - The majority of economic activity in the Nippes region, and in Haiti more broadly, occurs in the sprawling and dominant informal economy. Professor Vladimy, who himself attended St. Paul's and later university on a CHP-provided scholarship, teaches basic tenants of entrepreneurship, business, and economics with the children. These themes have important and practical overlap with traditional curriculum and our other supplemental programs.

  • Early childhood education lags far behind in Haiti and the team at St. Paul's, led in part by Madame Ricardie and her husband Father Luc Desire (Priest in Charge), has made important progress in creating an interactive space where play is encouraged and early child development is prioritized.