"Everything is Gone"

-Abiade Lozama

Head of St. Paul's School in Petit Trou de Nippes

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Colorado Haiti Project

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Urgent Cause


While our Haitian families fight to save lives in their communities during this immediate emergency, we at the Colorado Haiti Project are mobilizing support and resources to address the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.  Several news sources and reports from the ground describe catastrophic levels of physical property damage and extensive loss of livestock and crops.  The UN is describing Hurricane Matthew as the most significant humanitarian crisis to threaten Haiti since the 2010 earthquake.  While our region was relatively undamaged from the 2010 earthquake, Petit Trou de Nippes sits at the very epicenter of damage from this storm. The bridge connecting the Petit Trou region to the rest of the country is down, hampering relief efforts. We are also very concerned about food security and clean water – cholera is already being reported on the southern peninsula. While we fear for the outcome of the current situation on the ground, we also know that recovery from such natural disasters will take months of effort and support for Haiti. Please, help now with a financial donation in any amount – only through the power of community can we begin to address the damage done to our brothers and sisters in Petit Trou.


Our Story

Founded 26 years ago by three Episcopal priests, the Colorado Haiti Project (CHP) works in direct partnership with the people of Petit Trou de Nippes, Haiti to create a prosperous, healthy, educated, and empowered population. From the humble beginnings of building a well and a simple structure to house the initial St. Paul’s School and St. Paul’s Church, CHP has grown to working in partnership with the broader community to implement a multi-sector package of education, health, economic development, and water and sanitation and hygiene programs with a vision of sustainable and community fostered impact.

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