Who We Are

The Colorado Haiti Project (CHP) supports community leaders in Petit Trou de Nippes, Haiti, working together to create a prosperous, healthy, and empowered population. With a long-term, step-by-step approach founded on Haitian vision and Haitian leadership, CHP supports community-driven programs in agriculture, education, health, economic development, and water and sanitation.

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Why Rural Haiti?

Duke professor and Haiti scholar Laurent Dubois writes that “the return on investment in the rural economy is self-reliance, the alleviation of over crowding in cities, and, most important, a path toward ending Haiti’s now chronic problems of malnutrition and food insecurity.”

We believe that providing resources and long-term partnership to community leaders in rural Haiti is the most impactful way that we can help. We support programs that provide healthy local food, quality education at all levels, community health infrastructure, girl’s and women’s empowerment, access to water, and more. 

A few highlights from the past year:

· Students at St. Paul’s School planted over 50 vegetable varieties and over 1,400 trees, which fed over 3,000 community members this spring


· In the weeks and months after Hurricane Matthew, 30,000 people accessed much needed seed in time to replant their fields for the harvest season – in total, over 66,000 pounds of seed

· 300 students from St Paul’s School finished another successful academic year; receiving high quality education including specific agricultural instruction and home visits by Haitian agronomists aimed at increasing the yields of family farms

· 20 Community Health workers were trained and began work in their communities  including not only vaccinations and first response, but also particular focus in nutrition

· 100 girls continue to participate in our Girl’s and Women’s Empowerment program, including dialogue and focus on health and entrepreneurial education