William Smith High School Students Challenge "Single Story of Haiti" at CHP

CHP recently welcomed 10th-grade students from William Smith High School in Aurora to our office for an animated discussion about the history of Haiti. Their visit was part of an exceptional 3-week curriculum on Haiti devised by their teacher, Mr. Davis, a longtime supporter of CHP. Mr. Davis collaborated with our staff to develop the course; Mackendy Blanc, a Haitian-American entrepreneur and student at Watson University in Boulder, also joined the event at CHP. 

The conversation evolved into an analysis of the global narrative of Haiti, and ideas for tackling some of the problematic misconceptions some carry about the country that our Executive Director Wynn Walent describes as "the most beautiful place I know". After viewing author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's renowned Ted Talk, "The Danger of a Single Story," the students concentrated on defying the single story of Haiti. 

We thank all of the students for their thoughtful engagement at our offices, and Mr. Davis and Mackendy Blanc for partnering with us! Interested in meeting Mackendy? Join us at Evening for Haiti on April 22!

Wynn Walent