In memory of Rev. Rol Hoverstock

Those of us associated with the Colorado Haiti Project feel deep sorrow and offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the late Rev. Rol Hoverstock, who was the long-time Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Boulder, Colorado.  Fr. Hoverstock supported the Colorado Haiti Project in many ways, large and small.  Perhaps most notably, from 1996 – 2006, Fr. Hoverstock provided office space and administrative support to the Colorado Haiti Project on the St. John’s campus.  This allowed the Colorado Haiti Project to grow in its support for its key program — the development of the Konbit Education fund and St. Paul’s School.  With this support, Fr. Hoverstock was directly involved in enabling the school to grow to its current capacity of 600 students from Pre-K through 9th grade.  In addition to his compassionate and wise influence with his family, his church, and his local community, Fr. Rol’s legacy at the Colorado Haiti Project is that a generation of St. Paul’s students have gained literacy.  

Fr. Rol is well known for his statement that “If you have drawn a circle that leaves someone out, your circle is too small.” 

The Colorado Haiti Project is honored that Fr. Rol’s family has designated our work as a worthy location for memorial gifts in his name.  Please let us know if you have any questions about how the Colorado Haiti Project will accept or use such gifts.

Wynn Walent