Greetings From Theresa

Greetings from Petit Trou de Nippes!

Today was most amazing, I can say that I feel God’s presence in so many ways today. We started with morning mediation and I had a poem about the Blessing of the Morning  that we mediated over.   I ended the mediation explaining Bobby’s “I will fight for my fall, keep the ground far below.”  The two together set the mood for the day.  At church during the peace, they sang and played a rockin’ Kreyol hymn and everyone from the oldest grandma to the babies including all the people on the altar were singing and dancing with their hands in the air and totally rockin’ out.  I have never seen a more joyful, spiritual moment.  I was moved to tears.

I was of course, also worried about getting ready to present for my class tomorrow (even though I was supposed to be centering on “I will fight for my fall.”)  So I hassled my buddy Mario (the interpreter) into working with me after church. Then a group of us were planned to go see the water at the rocks (if you have been to Petit Trou, you know the spot)!  It was kind of raining and I was worried about getting back for a meeting.  But I said okay and we all decided this might be our only chance, so let’s go.  I went to tell Anne Rose the sewing instructor that we would be late for the meeting and at the last minute, I asked her if she wanted to come.  And she said Yes!  (For those of you how believe in a power greater then yourself…) It was the most incredible expedition.  Jennifer, one of our traveling companions from Old Dominion University speaks French and so we were able to have casual conversation with Anne Rose the whole way.  Something I have wanted for two years. But even more spectacular was the sea we saw.  I have never seen it more wild and angry.  It was breath-taking.  For those of you who have been there, we were not able to get anywhere close to the water.  I stood high on the rocks and got sprayed.  Oh what a moment.  I hope to have pictures for you soon.  You will understand then.

Finally, we returned home, wet and muddy (Did I mention it poured the whole way home?).  After a quick clean-up, we had our meeting.  Anne Rose, Djemsie (Father Abiade’s wife) and me.  I explained the whole idea for the project this week.  And they were very receptive.  They asked very good questions and challenged me on my thinking in a way that made me know they were listening and thinking about it.  I felt much less worried after talking with them.  I will explain the whole project in another email as I am getting eaten alive by mosquitoes right now.  But I could jump for joy after today.  I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but I am so thankful for today.  Lots of love to all of you in your lives today and all week.   Teresa

Wynn Walent