Great News from St. Paul’s School!

100% of St. Paul’s 6th and 9th grade students passed the 2013 end-of-year National Exams!

Fr. Abiade just sent us this wonderful news.  At the end of every school year, 6th and 9th grade students around Haiti take the national exams to move up from elementary to middle school and from middle to high school. St. Paul’s just received the test results, and ALL our students passed! What an achievement for the students and their families – and also for Fr. Abiade and the St. Paul’s teachers who had put such great effort into the curriculum, teacher training, and student support this year.  We thank YOU – our supporters – for helping to make this educational success possible! As Fr. Abiade wrote: “You can imagine, everybody wants to have their kids at St. Paul’s. I have received phone calls from all over the Nippes region with congratulations. Thank you for all that CO Haiti Project has contributed for such a wonderful result.” The new school year will begin on Sept. 2nd and we anticipate:

  • 50+  students in the 3-year-old pre-K class
  • 700+  students in the whole school
  • A 10th grade once again, with hopes to expand to 11th grade next year

For this year’s small group of bright and motivated 11th graders, we will provide scholarships for them to attend larger high schools elsewhere in the country to continue their education. Your continued support for our scholarships, and for all our school programs, is greatly appreciated.  All these benefits for only $300 per child each year!

Wynn Walent