From our Agricultural Educator, Kenel Pierre

“Hello friends and families, I thanks to God and every single person who has been praying for me and my country Haiti. I am ok but lost everything and everyone in this Department( state) lost everything (houses, documents, garden, animals, trees and dead people…) only St Paul Church survived and can’t hosting everybody so they have to live outside! The house that I live at St school the wind pulled out the roof and became a river right away. This hurricane killed Haitian people!!! If you can help please do, go to this website,, this is the organization that I work with so I am sure that if you help it goes right to people in this town in Petit Trou de Nippes! Thank you so much everyone for everything, now I am in Port Au Prince safe but with only one pair of pants and a T-shirt and waterproof and my documents and a backpack!! That’s all! Thanks! Kenel”

Wynn Walent