A 25th Anniversary In Style!


In January we began this glorious 25th anniversary year by celebrating together with our Haitian sisters and brothers in Petit Trou. We gathered in this remote but vibrant community for a wonderful celebration of friendship, accompl i shment , and endur ing commitment. Among the 16 travelers from the U.S. was Fr. Ed Morgan, one of the three founding members of the Colorado Haiti Project. Upon arrival, we found that the community of St. Paul’s parish had been planning this days-long celebration for 6 months! What a labor of love. The official 25th Anniversary Ceremony saw visiting dignitaries from around Haiti, led by Bishop Duracin who has supported this partnership since the beginning. Festivities included an evening cultural festival with several choirs and bands, a comedy troupe from the National Arts Center in Port au Prince, and a community soccer tournament. There were also many hours of storytelling, heartfelt appreciations, and tete-a-tete reminiscing between old friends. This was capped off by the spectacularly colorful Feast of St. Paul’s at the church on January 25th. We wish you all could have been with us – the Petit Trou community sends its warmest greetings and deepest thanks!

Special Memories from the Trip:

Wynn Walent