The Most Beautiful Place I Know + CPR Interview and Article

Dear Friends,

Eight years ago today, an earthquake struck Haiti, taking the lives of over 200,000.

Today in Haiti, as well as in Haitian American households across our own country, people are grieving, remembering, and honoring those who died that day.

I write in the hopes that we take a quiet moment, each in our own way, to remember those who struggled then and those who continue to struggle against long odds with incredible grace and remarkable will.  

I am deeply proud of the work that the Colorado Haiti Project supports in Petit Trou. It is grounded in relationship, right thinking, humility, and compassion. It is also strategic, impactful, and making a difference. 

Thank you for standing with Haiti, the most beautiful place I know.

With gratitude,


P.S. Yesterday I spoke on Colorado Public Radio about the work of CHP and about the talent, capacity, and courage of the Haitian people.  Click here to listen.  I also wrote a piece for the Colorado Independent.  Click here to read.

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Wynn Walent