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Creating Jobs

3 Scholarship students

Meet Jorel (left), Darline (middle) and Jeff (right)

Jorel Louis’ Profile

Jorel wants to become a primary school  teacher, so that he can help change the system and make things better for children and the future. In his life he has seen that many teachers have not been taught the skills or the knowledge they need to be competent at what they do and this is something he thinks he can change. As for why he chose teaching to make a difference – over the years he has worked various jobs, mostly in agriculture, but he has also started programs in IT and plumbing that he could not finish due to lack of funds – but in all these experiences and at home, he has found himself teaching what he knows to kids, and this has become his inspiration, his calling – to teach. He is from a family of 15 children; he has 9 brothers and 5 sisters. His parents are farmers. He would like to say thank you to the people of Colorado for their support for advancing his opportunity. And he hopes the program will continue.

Last year, he took four subjects: Psychology of children, History of philosophy, How to teach Kreyol and Math. He lives with the other students in Port au Prince, though it takes him 30 to 40 minutes by taptap bus to get to school. There are 25-30 people in his program from all over Haiti and they have become good friends. He needs a laptop because they have assignments that need to be done, and there is incredible value in being able to access new information on the internet. “Life goes up and down but we all keep going.”

Darline Richard’s Profile

She is on leave from school this year to attend to her three-year-old daughter but will return to her education in the Fall.  “A teacher must teach what she knows, but in Petit Trou, most often the teachers do not have much experience. So in the past they only teach what they know – they do their best. However, to make a difference, to change the future, it is important that a teacher is educated to teach not only what she knows, but what the children need to learn. One of my favorite subjects is child psychology. This is especially important when you are working with a mixture of children — le psychologie des enfants—if you have two kids rich and poor – rich goes to school with everything he needs – the poor goes with nothing – the rich does not wish to share – the poor will cry, because he doesn’t have food – the rich arrives easily at studying, but the poor does not…” Darline is one of seven sisters and three brothers. Her father has died and her mother does what she can as a subsistence farmer. Neither of her parents went to school.

She is studying to be a Kindergarten teacher. She will take the same curriculum as Jeff Moise (below) but in the end, she will take the test to become a kindergarten teacher. She has a three year old daughter, Elis Nyka,  who she left last year with other friends involved in the Vocational Program, Melen and Enys, in Petit Trou. This was difficult for her. Last year she took philosophy of education, psychology of children, math, social science, art, the study of children at different ages, chemistry, Kreyol and French.

More on Jeff Francois Moise

He is studying science education at the Universite Episcopal de Ayati. He still has two years to finish. Last year, he took four subjects: Teacher Training, School Administration, School Health, and the Philosophy of Education. Of these subjects, he most enjoyed School Administration. In Port au Prince, he lives with the other students from Petit Trou. They all eat together and take turns cooking (He said his meals might not be as good as some but they get by!) He lives about fifteen minutes by taptap bus from the school.