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Supporting Small Farms

Lack of access to clean water was a constant burden in the life of every family in the Petit Trou area. People needed to hand carry water from a water source sometimes up to two hours away to their home. Children and women often carried out this time consuming and difficult labor. For some students at St. Paul’s this meant they spent up to two hours carrying jugs of water before ever arriving at school in the morning. Knowing the impact of access to clean drinking water and improved sanitation and hygiene practices, CHP worked closely with the community to construct 12 safe water wells within a ten minute walk of all households and provide hygiene and sanitation education. The impact of the construction of the wells on the lives of the local population was immediate. Women and children were no longer burdened by long trips to carry water, and the incidence of water-borne diseases dropped, including reducing the impact of Cholera that devastated much of the rest of Haiti.

Immediate Impact of Clean Drinking Water and Improved Sanitation and Hygiene Practices

  • Improved maternal and child health and nutrition
  • Decrease in the rate of stunting (low height for age) and other chronic and acute nutrition problems
  • Decrease in water-borne and helminthic infections, which accounted for a large percentage of disease seen at the Petit Trou clinic
  • Significant decrease in household labor for children and women allowing them to engage in education or household and livelihood activities

Key WISH Program Highlights to Date:

  • Construction of the school, women’s center, cafeteria and hand washing stations, the bathrooms and septic/evapo transpiration field for handling solids and gray water, and improvements to the rectory
  • Construction of 12 safe water wells with accompanying sanitation and hygiene programs
  • Hygiene education around the use of clean water
  • Supported Haitian training of two local St. Paul graduates to support the maintenance and repair of the wells
  • Village councils to manage the upkeep and use of the wells

WISH Program Priorities:

Going forward, CHP plans to expand the number of wells to increase community access to clean water, as well as further develop the sanitation and hygiene program that leverages our health and agriculture activities. We will explore innovative approaches with the community to tackle sanitary and fecal waste disposal and increase the use of personal hygiene practices in the household.

CHP is looking to support $150,000 in WISH activities that:

  • Train and empower at least 4 new community water councils to independently manage wells in their communities – $20,000
  • Pilot an innovative sanitation and hygiene behavior-change communication program for community health aides and agents to use in their respective communities – $10,000
  • Build and/or repair at least 3 new wells and water systems – $45,000
  • Pilot a household latrine program in at least 1 new community – $75,000


Since December 2011 two local Haitians, Jude and Jean-Donald, have been working with community members to train volunteers in well maintenance and transfer physical and financial responsibility to the people in each well zone. They maintain the wells, and most importantly, train and get other community members involved in water hygiene and development. Click on Jude’s picture to see more of his story.





Why CHP  – Why Now

For 25 years, the Colorado Haiti Project has worked to build an effective partnership with the community of Petit Trou. Our geographically focused commitment to one community has allowed us to holistically serve the needs of this region of over 30,000 people. This is an exciting time for CHP and our Haitian partners. Please join us on our continuing journey to create a prosperous, healthy, educated, and empowered Petit Trou community that is forging its own path to sustainable development.