fueling locally-led progress in rural Haiti
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Supporting Small Farms

For the families of the Nippes region of Haiti, a thriving agricultural sector is fundamental. Our team in Haiti runs programs that include an agricultural education program for the 300 children and their families, a seed bank that has served over 30,000 families, and programs designed to get healthy and affordable food into homes across the region.

Community Health

We support community health efforts through the local government, reinforcing structures that are short on resources and increasing the number of local health workers that are trained and paid to serve as outposts to hard to reach places. In addition, our work with girls’ and women’s empowerment is fundamental to the health of our communities.

Creating Jobs

Through our work at St Paul’s School, our work supporting community health, and our programs that support artisans and entrepreneurs, we provide full time work over 100 community leaders in Petit Trou de Nippes.

Educating Kids

For the past 28 years the parish and school at St. Paul’s School has served as the foundational partner of the Colorado Haiti Project. Throughout that time we have employed hundreds of teachers and supported education for thousands of students in the region.