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Supporting Small Farms

In the fall of 2016, Hurricane Matthew devastated crops, homes, and livelihoods in our sister community, Petit Trou. Our leaders in Haiti came together quickly to consider how we could create long-lasting impact for the region. After community meetings and dialogue with existing local organizations, we decided to start a seed bank in Petit Trou, with the goal of helping small farmers replant and helping families put local food back on their tables.

Since then, over 66,000 pounds of seed have been distributed. These seedsĀ are sold to community members at a great discount and with care taken not to harm the existing seed economy in the region.

After the great success of the initial seed bank initiative, led by CHP Operations Manager Patrick Desir, we are now evaluating how we can help the seed bank grow, adapt, and continue to support farming in a way that is durable and community driven. We have introduced a variety of healthy crops and vegetables and have also begun working with moringa, a resilient tree with remarkable nutritional qualities. We have also begun helping small farmers install water catchment systems and are seeking new, community-led ways to help small farmers in the region thrive.

We look forward to keeping you updated!