Roodnaëlle’s Spring of “Firsts”

In our first post about Roodnaëlle, who is affectionately called Nayou by her loved ones, we introduced this ambitious 12-year-old by sharing how much she loves learning and engaging with her community at St. Paul’s School and her family’s church, Legliz Pentacostal de Carrefou Lendi. Both places have offered recent opportunities for wonderful new springtime adventures that have allowed her to further spread her wings.

In early February, Nayou took her first field trip with St. Paul’s School to the Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien (the National Museum in Port au Prince). The day was quite a long because Haiti’s capital is approximately a four hour drive from Petit Trou, and a traffic jam on the way back caused them to arrive home after midnight. But Nayou said it was all worth it. She got to spend hours at the museum, followed by a picnic outside with her peers and teachers. She remarked how great it was to see artifacts from Haiti’s history in person that she had previously learned about in the classroom.


Nayou returned to Petit Trou in March during her spring break to visit her aunt. This time, she took the bus all by herself! She loved taking some time off from her busy schedule to spend quality time catching up with her aunt.

Another joy for Nayou is singing. She is now sharing this talent with other children at her church by leading them in a singing group on Fridays. (Watch this video on our Facebook page to hear one of her songs!) 


Nayou’s little sister Djoumia is a 15-month-old, and it’s clear that she already sees her big sister as a role model! Djoumia has watched Nayou help her family with chores around the house so much that she has even started to mimic exactly what her big sister does!

We can’t wait to share what other firsts unfold for Nayou in the coming months! Thank you for taking the time to get to know this young leader CHP community! 

Wynn Walent