Guilot's Match Made at St. Paul’s School

In January we introduced Guilot Tibert as the administrator of St. Paul’s School, noting how St. Paul’s has fundamentally shaped his educational and career paths. Earlier this year, the school also was a major influence on his romantic life.

Guilot began working with Genevieve Duplessy four years ago. When he started his position at St. Paul’s, she was a kindergarten teacher there. Their collegial relationship frequently crossed paths outside of the classrooms as they were both dedicated members of St. Paul’s Church. The first post about Guilot on Year in the Life highlighted the range of ways he enthusiastically contributes to the community of Petit Trou. Genevieve shares Guilot’s work ethic, which led to her being promoted to head of the kindergarten program.

In January Guilot and Genevieve each began noticing deeper feelings for one another that went far beyond the professional friendship they had shared for years. They quickly fell in love, and they didn’t keep it a secret for very long before sharing the happy news with their community.


They knew virtually from the start of the relationship that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together; they’re already engaged and having a wonderful time engaging in pre-wedding rituals. In early May Genevieve took Guilot to her hometown of Les Cayes, where they had an official engagement ceremony and party. Many of Guilot’s close friends and family also made the trip and the happy couple received numerous blessings and well wishes from their loved ones.

The wedding date is planned for July, the venue being none other than St. Paul’s Church. When Guilot isn’t busy wedding planning or working at the school, he’s staying busy finishing up the construction of his new home. He’s been building this home—very close to the school—for years in hopes that he would one day live there with his future wife. He aims for it to be finished by the time of his wedding so he and Genevieve can move in together as newlyweds.

CHP is tremendously happy for Guilot and Genevieve, and we look forward to sharing all of the details about their wedding here on Year in the Life! Stay tuned!