Schneider and Jameson return to Wynne Farm for Earth Day

This time last year, “Day in the Life” shared how Schneider Chancy and Jameson Figarot participated in Earth Day at Wynne Farm, an ecological reserve in the mountains of Kenscoff above Port-au-Prince. Wynne Farm is dedicated to environmental protection through education; Schneider and Jameson have attended numerous educational workshops at the farm and know its staff well.

The two best friends were thrilled to return to the farm on April 14th to mark this year’s Earth Day with the theme of “Protect Our Species.” They marveled at how this year’s crowd of approximately 600 people was twice the size of last year’s event, and they had a wonderful time meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends who share their passion for preservation. The many activities offered that day included planting, a photographic exhibition of biodiversity, an “Eco Expo,” and music.

Schneider and Jameson are excited to replicate some of their experiences with the Petit Trou community soon, stay tuned to hear updates on their progress!