Kinsley Tackles the 9th Grade Exams

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When a group of recent visitors from Colorado first met 15-year-old Kinsley in Petit Trou de Nippes, one American observed Kinsley’s strong English skills and remarkable maturity, asking whether Kinsley came from a more privileged background than his peers. In fact, Kinsley and his younger brother Gitmey have had to overcome astonishing adversity in their formative years. (Frequent readers of Year in the Life will recall that in 2015 the two boys lost their grandmother, who became their primary caretaker after their single father passed away five years ago. They currently live with their aunt and grandfather.)

Kinsley’s intrinsic self-motivation and determination to succeed is nothing less than remarkable. His love of studying (when pressed, he says his favorite subjects are math and English) has made it easy for him to maintain a regimented study schedule this spring in preparation for this month’s final state exams that he and his ninth grade peers finished Wednesday of this week. When asked by the visitors about the exams, he said assuredly that he wasn’t worried about them at all because he was ready.

Kinsley will surely bring his hard work to tenth grade next academic year (or as they call it in Haiti, the 3rd year). He says he plans to continue to improve his English in order to become a translator for the many English-speaking visitors to Haiti as he continues to set his sights on becoming a future agronomist.

We wish Kinsley a fun and well-deserved summer break and can’t wait to share his future achievements with our supporters!

Wynn Walent