Schneider and Jameson Celebrate Earth Day at Wynne Farm

Our last post here on Day in the Life shared how agronomy students Schneider Chancy and Jameson Figarot are developing a sustainability program for a youth summer camp at St. Paul’s School this August; they are making so many strides we already have a new update about them!

Schneider and Jameson are partnering with Wynne Farm, an ecological reserve 170 kilometers (105 miles) to the East of Petit Trou, and participated in a special Earth Day celebration there last Sunday. They had a wonderful time perusing the exhibits of natural fertilizers, dried fruits and vegetables, and crafts. Earth Day is not commonly known in Petit Trou de Nippes and Schneider and Jameson look forward to taking back the spirit, experiences, and lessons of this special Earth Day to their community.

Stay tuned to Year in the Life for more updates on Schneider and Jameson, and the eight other community leaders we’re following throughout the year!

Wynn Walent