Meet Kinsley

Kinsley is 15 years old and loves to study.  When you get a chance to speak with him, it is quickly apparent that he is an excellent student.  When asked what he enjoyed doing during his free time, studying was his first answer!  He studies a few hours a day and loves math above all else.

Kinsley lives with his aunt, his grandfather, two very young cousins and his closest friend, his brother Gitmey who is 13 years old.  Kinsley and Gitmey have been through a lot together.  His mother suffered from mental illness and has been out of his life since he was quite young.  His father passed away about 5 years ago.  After that, he and Gitmey lived with their beloved grandmother, Avelia, until she passed away in September 2015.  At that time, there was no family member who could take care of the boys.

Kinsley and his brother Gimley visit their family pig!

Kinsley and his brother Gimley visit their family pig!

For the next school year, they lived together on St. Paul’s campus.  It was not a perfect home for them.  There was no one available to offer nurturing support to two young boys who had just lost their grandmother.  But while living on campus, they were able to participate in many educational workshops that most children were not.  There was English and musical activities designed for the teachers and staff that they were able to join.

After a year on campus, their aunt was able to bring Kinsley and Gitmey into her simple home.  They have been there now for over a year. At home, Kinsley helps with cleaning around the house and getting water from the neighborhood well.  He also manages their little herd, a single pig and a mama goat with her two tiny babies.

When he isn’t studying, at school or working on the house, Kinsley loves to swim with his buddies.  He also loves to play soccer and was on the winning soccer team in the summer championship.

When asked about his dreams for the future, he quickly and proudly said he has more than one dream.  He would like to be an agronomist or an engineer or a doctor.  He knows he has to work hard and do well on his exams, but these are challenges that he welcomes.  Stay tuned for Kinsley’s next update as he prepares for the critical 9th grade exam that allows entry into high school.