Vocational Training Program


Vocational Training Program

A trade is more than just a job. A trade is a means to building a life and caring for a family including providing food security, shelter, education, and medical care. One of the most common experiences for youth and adults in rural Haiti is not having a job and no prospects for a job. Even just looking for a job requires trekking to the big city and facing an unknown set of risks for the small possibility of finding work.

The people of the community of Petit Trou identify unemployment as one of the most serious problems they face as a community. After a series of meetings in 2011 a group of men and women from Petit Trou asked the Colorado Haiti Project to help with the unemployment problem by implementing a comprehensive vocational training project. This group first chose tailoring as a skill that could have immediate impact on their ability to earn a living. This year, 21 trainees are enrolled in the tailoring program that includes not only sewing skills, but also a curriculum in business development.  This is very exciting! At the same time, we recognize that a town full of tailors alone will not create a vibrant economy, and our fundraising goal of $75,000 for this project includes building the resources to expand the program.   

Not all the knowledge and trades Petit Trou needs can be trained at home, and in recognition of this, Colorado Haiti Project started a scholarship program to enable young adults to attend schools in more urban areas and bring their skills home to Petit Trou. Each student must commit to returning to Petit Trou in order to receive these scholarships. Currently, 12 students are studying education, bookkeeping, construction, plumbing.  

The Episcopal Parish of St. Paul’s, with Colorado Haiti Project support, has purchased land to build a vocational building that will house the future training programs as well as serve as a visible sign to the students at St. Paul’s primary and secondary students that they can aspire to a trade or higher education and earn the independence and dignity that comes from being economically self-sufficient.

All aspects of this project are in need of funding at this time. Share in Petit Trou’s excitement by supporting the vocational school and scholarship program by donating now!

Every donation from $10 to $10,000 helps!

This is a multi-year project: If you would like to make a transformational gift to support long-term development of this work, please let us know! 303-938-5021