Vocational Training Program


Vocational Development Program

The people of Petit Trou de Nippes have identified a lack of income as one of the most serious problems they face as a community.  The Colorado Haiti Project began partnering with the community four years ago to address this problem and find ways to develop economic opportunity in the region.

To date, we have started:

In 2012, a Sewing Program began where students train in traditional Haitian tailoring.

Also in 2012, a Scholarship Program was launched to identify ambitious individuals and support them in receiving further education. Part of the agreement is a mandatory 3 to 5 year work commitment in Petit Trou commune.

In 2014, an Entrepreneurship Program was introduced for all vocational students and 7th to 10th graders at St Paul’s School. Students will learn skills to enable them to operate effectively in their local small business economy.

In progress:

With a grant from the United Thank Offering of the Episcopal Church, in 2015 we will start an Agricultural Program. The aim is to introduce best practices to local farmers and students in the 7th to 10th grades at St Paul’s School.

In 2015, scholarship students will graduate and the Colorado Haiti Project will support matching grants for the graduates to aid them in starting their careers.

In 2015, the Colorado Haiti Project and the sewing students are partnering to develop an Atelier (Workshop) Program enabling the students to learn to work as a team and to find more lucrative work through partnerships with artisan networks that will promote their work.

Voices from Petit Trou (or Voices of Change)

With the sewing program and the entrepreneurship program, I am able to manage my life and my family’s life better. My new position has helped improve my family’s situation..” Sewing School Graduate and Entrepreneurship Trainer, Rika,

“With the money I made from the sale of my purses, I bought fabric to make my own dress. I never imagined I would ever be able to do this. I’m so thankful for this skill. For the first time, I have a nice dress to wear.” — Sewing School Graduate, Manoushka

“I want to become a primary school teacher so that I can help change the

system and make things better for children in the future.” Scholarship Student, Jorel, who is studying primary school education.