Vocational Fund

Immediate Impact of Vocational Development;

With each job created, there is a ripple effect in the community.

  • A scholarship student graduates and begins working as a plumber. Now his wife can afford to have her baby at the clinic.
  • A sewing student sells products through the atelier program. Now she can support her family and has more money to spend in the local market.
  • A scholarship graduate begins teaching in the local school enhancing the educational foundation of the community, becoming a community leader, and spreading his/her salary throughout the community.

Key Vocational Highlights To Date:

  • Implemented a sewing program where students train in traditional Haitian tailoring. This program has transitioned over the last four years to a simple one-year sewing program feeding into an on-going workgroup we call the Atelier Program. This allows the group to learn basic sewing skills and also supports them in earning a living to support their families.
  • A scholarship program was launched to provide ambitious individuals financial support for receiving further education.
  • An entrepreneurship program was introduced both to the secondary students of St Paul’s and the sewing students. This program will allow ALL young adults to have valuable business skills.

Looking Ahead 

We would like to continue the transition of the current sewing program model to a clearly defined Atelier training model. We plan to lay the groundwork and cement relationships for distributing the products, initially through the Artisan Business Network (ABN) and other partners both in Haiti and the US

The scholarship program would like to continue the twelve scholarships to increase human resource capacity and financial stability in the community – these scholarship opportunities are fundamental to cultivating community-grown leadership and investing individuals with the skill sets they can then bring home and share with their neighbors in Petit Trou.

We are exploring the development of new agricultural and economic avenues for growth, including a goat program, moringa and breadfruit flour.


The Vocational Program is seeking $114,500 in financial support to:

  • Support In-country personnel to cement relationships, identify leaders, and to ensure communications and accountability – $33,000
  • Support twelve continuing education scholarships and provide matching grants for six students – $22,000
  • Transition the current sewing program, including teacher’s salaries, expand current classroom space, additional training for the students, and supplies – $14,500
  • Launch the vocational agriculture program in the community and at the school, including hiring teachers, hiring a consulting agronomist, purchasing tools, purchasing irrigation supplies – $45,000

Why CHP – Why Now

For 25 years, the Colorado Haiti Project has worked to build an effective partnership with the community of Petit Trou. Our geographically focused commitment to one community has allowed us to holistically serve the needs of this region of over 30,000 people. Please join us on our continuing journey to create a prosperous, healthy, educated, and empowered community that is forging its own path to sustainable development.