Quality Education

Quality Education


Quality education is the most hopeful path for a community’s children, and gives them a chance to break the cycle of poverty. The Colorado Haiti Project supports St. Paul’s Episcopal School in Petit Trou de Nippes in rural Haiti. St. Paul’s School provides quality education from preschool to 10th grade

To date, we have accomplished:

Growing from an enrollment of approximately 40 children in 1996 to a current enrollment of all most 700 children.

Offering education from preschool to 10th grade.

For the past two years, St. Paul’s has received a Certificate of Excellence from the Haitian Ministry of Education and has become a model for the region.

In Autumn 2014, the preschool opened a fenced-in playground offering the only safe-play facility in the community.

100% of the 6th and 9th graders passed the national exam to progress to the next level.

In Progress:

Starting in Autumn 2014, an Entrepreneurship component was added to the curriculum of all 7th through 10th graders. The goal is to train them to succeed in their rural community commerce.

With a grant from the United Thank Offering of the Episcopal Church, an Agriculture component will also be added to the curriculum of all 7th through 10th graders.  Because the region is primarily agrarian, the students will be able to aid their families in sustainable agricultural practices.

Click here to meet some of St. Paul’s students.

Together we help sustain a welcoming environment, where hope for a better life is real, because access to a good education is real.

$25 Will sponsor a girl for her first two weeks of school. No one from her extended family has ever stepped foot in a school before today.

$80 Will underwrite 10 weeks of schooling for a middle school boy.

$150 Will provide textbooks and teaching materials for one whole kindergarten class.

$350 Will allow one child to attend school for the entire school year.

$3,500 Will provide an education for a class of 10 kids for one whole year.

Please contact our office for more details 303-938-5021303-938-5021 or donate online.


Please note we do not assign individual students to donors.

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