Community Health

Access to quality healthcare is precarious even under the best of circumstances in Haiti. The Colorado Haiti Project (CHP) is partnering with the community of Petit Trou, Haiti and the Haitian Ministry of Health and Population (MSPP) to strengthen access to quality healthcare for all in the community of Petit Trou. In 2013, the Colorado Haiti Project signed an unprecedented memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the MSPP and the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti to build a comprehensive, responsive, and equitable health system for the region.

Over the Next 5-7 years the CHP, MSPP, Community Partnership Will: 

  • Build the capacity of community health care providers and clinic staff to provide quality health care and outreach services
  • Complete an ambitious door-to-door community mapping initiative, that will allow us to better assess the most immediate threats to public health, and provide a measure of how our programs are impacting the health of this community
  • Support MSPP to establish a well-managed and equipped new clinic for the area, as well as training for an additional regional agent de sante (publice health agent)
  • Hand in hand with the community, establish and empower a Community Health Council that will give voice to the community in local health care decisions   

Key Health Program Highlights since the MOU:

  • In September 2014, CHP sponsored 26 village health volunteers to become official, trained Community Health Aides that support MSPP health outreach services in remote rural communities.
  • CHP installed solar panels on the current clinic to ensure consistent electricity, supported structural improvements, and provided needed equipment and training to MSPP staff at the local clinic and at the required MSPP referral hospital.
  • Launched Health Providers for Haiti to introduce new partners from Colorado to our health work in Petit Trou. It also provides opportunities for outreach to Colorado medical professionals and corporate partners that want to partner with us in our health work in Haiti.

In partnership with Boulder Community Health, trained and equipped community health workers with life-saving tools and skills to promote health in remote rural locations.

Looking Ahead:

CHP’s past health activities have set a foundation for empowering a strong and comprehensive local health network that creates sustainable solutions to health needs in Petit Trou. In early 2015 we placed a full time representative on the ground in Petit Trou to provide technical and managerial leadership, and further strengthen relationships with the MSPP and our Haitian partners. This relationship has already become an indispensable part of our continued work in developing public health infrastructure in Haiti.