Colorado Haiti ProjectANNUAL FUND:  Donations to the annual fund create flexibility to invest in (new) programs and expand operational support as needed. Historically, we drain our annual fund budget each year to meet our commitments in education and health. In 2014 we have a goal to meet our funding goals in these areas, while also building a reserve in our annual fund. This will help to build a solid foundation and set the stage for us to take our organization and our work to the next level.

EDUCATION – KONBIT PROGRAMIn 2013-2014, approximately 700 children will attend St. Paul’s in Grades pre-K through 10th grade. Support of the St. Paul’s School operations has been one of the Colorado Haiti Project’s primary fund raising goals since the school’s founding in 1996, most notably through our “Konbit” Sponsorship Program, with sponsors throughout Colorado who sponsor a students ($300) and classes ($3,000 to $6,000).

Colorado Haiti ProjectCLEAN WATER PROJECT: Developing a community maintained clean water project has been a multi-year project. Water-borne disease accounted for up to 80% of the cases seen in Petit Trou’s clinic, and the lack of available water was a constant burden in the life of every inhabitant of Petit Trou. Carrying water from a spring above the town to the home is the job of children and women, and most St. Paul’s students spend up to 2 hours carrying jugs of water before ever arriving at school in the morning.

Colorado Haiti ProjectCOMMUNITY HEALTH PROGRAM: A child and family’s health affects absolutely everything. If you are not well, a girl or boy can’t concentrate or learn in school; a parent can’t provide comfort or support; a playmate can’t play, a neighbor can’t socialize; a laborer or farmer can’t work, and a well won’t be maintained. In 2013, Colorado Haiti Project launched an unprecedented collaboration with the community of Petit Trou de Nippes, the Haitian Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP), and  The Episcopal Church of Haiti, with technical assistance from Zanmi Lasante/Partners in Health.

Colorado Haiti Project

VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM: After a two year hiatus following the 2010 earthquake, the vocational programs at St. Paul’s were reinstated in December 2011. Since that time the head teacher has received her accreditation and we are working to develop a full three year program, while sending promising students in other fields on scholarship. In 2012 land was purchased to build a separate vocational building and plans are in development to expand beyond a sewing program.