Program Management Fund

The Colorado Haiti Project Annual fund does not fund a specific program; however, donations to our annual fund support the flexibility needed to invest in (new) programs and expand operational support as needed. Historically, we drain our annual fund budget each year to meet our commitments in education and health. We an on-going need to meet our funding goals in these areas while also building a reserve in our annual fund. This will help to provide our organization a solid foundation and set the stage to our organization and our work to the next level.

Make a  gift today that is an investment in our joint future!

Want your support of Colorado Haiti Project to really pack a wallop? If you’re a regular giver, and you’ve had a good year, bundle donations into what we call a Transformational Gift. This is a once-in-a-lifetime donation of $25,000-$100,000, that makes a powerful impact right now. Some younger to boomer age folks and their families aren’t waiting until a willed or estate gift; we have some exciting educational, health, and vocational opportunities in Haiti that will make a significant impact within the year. At age 70 and a half, some of us will have to take a required minimum distribution on tax deferred retirement funds–if you don’t need them for immediate living expenses, donating a portion to the Haiti Project is a good deal for you, and even more for those we serve together. With a Transformational Gift, if you’d like to visit Haiti, we’ll take you on one of our visiting teams to see firsthand how your gift is changing lives.  Please call our office for more information: 303-938-5021

And we love it when you put us in your will or estate plans.  Many Americans, after taking care of their children and dear friends, name at least 3 charities to share about 10% of their legacy. We would love to have the Colorado Haiti Project be one of your 3 favorite charities! We don’t need particulars, but we’d be honored to know you put the children and families of Haiti in your will through the CO. Haiti Project. Thanks so much for considering a Transformational or Legacy gift. They do pack a wallop!