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Experiencing Haiti


Experiencing Haiti with the Colorado Haiti Project

Join the Colorado Haiti Project on a Trip to Haiti

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The Colorado Haiti Project works in partnership with the people of Petit Trou de Nippes, Haiti to support their rise out of poverty. We also know that this partnership offers as much if not more to the people who have the opportunity to travel to Haiti and be a part of the work.
“I have a multitude of wonderful memories after just one week in Haiti, but the images that float up when I think of Haiti are images of the people – eyes that are so intensely beautiful you can barely stand to look into them for long. The graceful and regal posture of Haitian women who walk with baskets and water containers balanced atop their heads. Beautiful and playful children whose faces light up when you speak to them. Haitians are the embodiment of grace, beauty, strength, courage and hospitality. That’s what I’m left with. I would love to go back to Haiti.” Carol Park

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1. Young Adult Exploration and Relationship Building Trips – 18 to 30 year olds. The trip will encompass time spent with the young people of Petit Trou, Haiti and surrounding mountain communities. The group will venture into the hills to spend a day with a small community called Lindor. They will spend three days working on the St Paul’s campus getting to know the students and exchanging stories and language among other things.


2. Youth Leadership of the Colorado Diocese Trip, This trip follows the agenda of the Young Adult Exploration Trip with an emphasis on relationship building and leadership. This is a closed trip for the Youth Leadership Program.


3. Vocational Insight Trip– This trip will focus on Colorado Haiti Project’s vocational development work. We will interview the scholarship students along with the graduates of the program to explore how their programs are changing their lives and the community. We will spend time working with the new agriculture program which should be ready to launch its secondary school program. We will spend time with the sewing atelier either working on quality control or a new certificate program. This trip will be one week.

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4. Educational Workshop Trip– This trip is an annual teachers’ workshop experience where the Colorado Haiti Project brings down educators to share their expertise in exchange for the Haitian educators sharing of music and culture. We seek out experts in Science, French, English, Music to join us. BUT, we welcome all who would like to be a part of this educational exchange. (Most non-professional educators help with English or Music.) This trip will last eight days.
Trips with the Colorado Haiti Project are a flat rate cost, which includes airfare, food and
lodging and transportation. (The only additional money needed would be for personal incidentals and souvenirs.)

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